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Bethlehem Farmers’ Market Vendor Featured in Lehigh Valley Style!

Autumn Offerings at the MarketOne of Bethlehem Farmers’ Market at Campus Square’s vendors, Gail Lehman of Back Door Bakeshop, was recently featured in an article in Lehigh Valley Style Magazine!

Back Door Bakeshop has been a participating vendor in at the market for the last four years, and its products have quickly become a favorite. You can even get your fix on non-market days, because the Lehigh University Bookstore carries some Back Door Bakeshop goodies at the Barnes and Noble Café.

Be sure to read the article posted below, and learn about Back Door Bakeshop’s new store front in North Bethlehem. Gail was even kind enough to include a recipe to her famous (and aptly named) “People-Pleasin’ Pumpkin Roll” on page 3. See if you can recreate the magic, or simply stock up on their fabulous products each Thursday during the Market! Pumpkins are now in season at the Market.

The articlehttp://www.lehighvalleystyle.com/September-2013/Gail-Lehman/

Direct link to the recipe: http://www.lehighvalleystyle.com/September-2013/Gail-Lehman/index.php?cparticle=3&siarticle=2#artanc